What is Global MOM to MOM?

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Global minded families in Japan

Global MOM to MOM is a vibrant community dedicated to supporting both Japanese and international families residing in Japan. Our shared mission is to nurture multilingual children with a global mindset.

With over 600 families representing more than 50 nationalities, we foster connections among moms, dads, and kids. Through our platform, members can participate in over 200 online and in-person meetups each month, providing various opportunities to connect, explore different cultures, and forge friendships from around the world—all while having a great time!

Our events are for both children and parents, such as scavenger hunts, yard sales, costume parties, video games, crafts, story time for kids, yoga, cooking, exercise, and even drinking nights for parents. Whether it’s joining a meetup for free or hosting one and getting paid for it, our platform fosters inclusivity and active participation.

In Japan, it can be hard to find this kind of authentic international environments, which is why like-minded parents come together in Global MOM to MOM to spark creativity for their children. We believe that English isn’t just a school subject for Japanese kids; it’s a vital communication tool, and we aim to instill this understanding in our kids.

Moreover, Global MOM to MOM is a valuable service for everyone involved. Foreign members contribute a one-time only fee while the Japanese members contribute a monthly fee to join, ensuring the sustainability of our community and the quality of our offerings.

Together, we’re shaping a diverse and enriching experience for families across Japan.

GMTM Member’s Interview

Please tell us your stories in GMTM!

The reason I started this community

Nice to meet you!

I’m Yoko Reynolds, the founder of “Global MOM to MOM.”


I have two sons with my American husband. When my eldest son was about five years old, he told us, “I don’t want Dad to come to the kindergarten open day,” and “I don’t want my friends to hear me speak English, so please talk to me in Japanese.” He didn’t want to be seen as different or stand out.

At that time, he only had Japanese friends, which influenced his feelings. I know being different is good, and I wanted him to understand that the world is full of different people and that speaking English is not something to be ashamed of; it’s a tool to communicate with people worldwide.

That’s why I decided to create this community. Within the GMTM community, by interacting with people of various nationalities and backgrounds, everyone realizes how different we all are. Of course, appearances are different, as are values, ways of thinking, and the foods we eat. You don’t need to try to be the same as other people. We can be ourselves and enjoy life freely.

After running this community for five years, my son turned ten, and friends from various nationalities gathered to celebrate. Seeing him so happy made me realize once again how grateful I am for this GMTM community. Now, my son thinks he is lucky to have both American and Japanese citizenship and to be bilingual.

I think that by interacting with non-Japanese people in Japan, children can learn from an early age about the vastness of the world and the normalcy of differences, making it easier for them to express their individuality.

In Japan, a homogeneous island nation, the idea of “accepting diversity” is hard to spread. But the world is not like that. Having an environment in Japan where children can interact with diverse people daily serves as their preparation before stepping out into the world. I hope more children in Japan can thrive anywhere in the world.

[Future Vision]

We want to interact not only with foreign mothers living in Japan but also with foreign families with children visiting Japan on vacation. As a local community, we want to connect and exchange with visiting families.

We have established a platform called “Global Family to Family.” Living in Japan while having daily exchanges with people of various nationalities makes life truly enjoyable and enriching!

Although the world still faces wars, I believe that if people think and act on a global scale regardless of borders and nationalities, we can achieve a peaceful world and a sustainable planet. Our company name, Global Citizen Inc., reflects our hope for such a world, and I aim to do what I can now to achieve this vision.


Yoko Reynolds

How to join GMTM?

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We have orientation sessions every month on Zoom for those who are interested in participating!