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Meet International minded families in Japan!

What is Global MOM to MOM?

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Global minded families in Japan

Global MOM to MOM is a community for Japanese and international families living in Japan with the common goal of raising multilingual children while instilling a global mindset.

 We currently have over 570 families with 46 nationalities.

No need to go abroad in search of an international environment. 

Just connect with people from different countries who live in Japan. 

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Our activities

Online & In-person meetups

There are over 100 online & in-person meetups in a month.

●You can join any meetups for free.

●You can host meetups and you get paid by hosting.

Nice to meet you!

Hi,  I’m YOKO, the founder of Global MOM to MOM!

Here is why I started…

Japanese mothers put a lot of effort into trying to make their kids bilingual, but often they don’t try to speak English or even learn it themselves. I think this is a big problem. 

I want to tell mothers that showing their own kids how fun it is to communicate in English is the key. As a result, their kids will follow that example.

English is not something just to be studied. It’s a communication tool. I really hope more and more Japanese kids speak English and go out into the international scene with confidence.

Through this project, my dream is to be the bridge between Japanese families and international families. It would be great for Japanese mothers to interact with foreigner parents as friends outside of regular English lessons.

Most language schools and preschools in the country prohibit teachers and students to meet privately and it is a very common practice. There is a huge wall in between that makes it so difficult to have an authentic and meaningful connection.  

In Global Mom to Mom, there is no “Teacher” and “Student” relationship. We are all equal as we share a common goal to create an international environment for our kids.

This is the whole concept of this project.

I would like to encourage everyone to meet privately and spend a fun time together just like regular MAMA friends. 

Connect and share our experiences in raising multi-lingual children in Japan.

Oct. 15th, 2019

Yoko Reynolds

How to join GMTM?

If you are interested in GMTM, please access our Facebook group!
We have ZOOM MTG for those who are interested in participating!